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A short story using the songs from my phone

I was looking through some of the titles in my song library the other day, and it occurred to me that one could write a story using some of the common words and sentiments found in song titles.  So I did. I’m terribly sorry. Please accept my sincere apology.  I still don’t know why I did it.


Here it is in all its glory:


Every Morning, Down on the Corner, In a Big Country, In the City, Everyday People fall in love. Everybody Plays the Fool, but Love is All Around. When it comes to Good Lovin’, it’s a Good Feelin’ to Know that if you Let Love Rule, and Let it Grow, One Way or Another, It Keeps You Runnin’. Would I Lie to You?

cartoon guy playing guitar

But, Hold On, Here’s Where the Story Ends: I’m Not the Only One. I Know There’s Something Going On because I Heard it Through the Grapevine. Who Knew? But, is it Just My Imagination? One Way or Another, I’ll have to get to The Heart of the Matter. I’m not ready to say Goodbye to You because I’m So Into You. You Really Got Me. I might be Over my Head, but One Thing is for sure – if you don’t Treat Me Right, you’d better Turn Me Loose. Walk Away. Love is a Battlefield and Love Hurts, but it’s a Livin’ Thing. Love is a Rose. And One Thing is forever true: Good People Can’t Get Enough Good Lovin’.

love songs


So, if I Can’t Get Next to You, I Wanna Be Sedated. I Want You to Want Me so I’m Gonna Make You Love Me. I Can’t Help Myself. I’m ready to give you the Best of My Love; I Just Can’t Wait.

Let’s Stay Together because there is no use in Living in the Past and just Waiting for the End. I Decided You’ll Accompany Me as I Walk on the Wild Side.

Soon as I Get Paid.

Unfortunately for you all, I have many more titles in my song library.  I’ll bet you can’t wait until I retire.