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Conversations with the Dog – (A new continuing series, much to your chagrin)

The part of the dog will be played by my vivid imagination.

Everyone talks to their dog, right? I mean, we live with the furry little (or in this case big) guys every day and share most of our lives with them, so it’s only natural, right? Feel free to jump in any time now with reassuring murmurs.

Well, okay then. I do talk to my dog. And, I believe that he answers, in a canine sort of way.

Case in point: I had prepared for myself a box of brussel sprouts to go along with my ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, as you do. Buster, our family dog had assumed his normal spot next to my chair, hoping, no doubt, for a dropped morsel. And, so, with a mournful glance from his sad, brown, doggy eyes, it began.


Me: I would give you some, but you won’t like this buddy.

Buster: Mom, it smells so good. Pleeeaaase!!!!

Me: Awww buddy you just like the smell of the butter.

Buster: Mom! Mom! Trust me on this!  (Pacing around the kitchen) I love brussel sprouts! 

Me: You don’t either!  

Buster:  Uh huh! I found one in the neighbor’s trash bag the other day and it was awesome!

Me:  Are you sure it was a brussel sprout? And what did I tell you about eating stuff out of people’s garbage cans?

Buster: Yeah, yeah, I’m sure! I need vegetables Mom! Hook me up Mooooommmmm!

*More mournful looks

Me: Okay, (cautiously) Here ya go!

*Puts single brussel sprout on paper plate.

Buster: (playing around with brussel sprout, then slurping it down) Yummmmm!

Me: Wow, really? You liked it?

Buster: Yes yes! Can I have another one?

Me: Okay then!

He ate about 5, before I cut him off. I was a little worried about the effect this might have on his…err…digestive system, (if you know what I mean.)

I immediately had to publish this information on Facebook, because, you know, my dog likes brussel sprouts!

Buster the talking, brussel-sprout-eating dog
Buster the talking, Brussels-Sprout-eating dog

Next week Buster and I will discuss the upcoming Presidential Election.

Nah, not really. Buster told me he’s already sick of hearing all the politicians grandstanding. I hear ya, Buster. I hear ya. Good dog.